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I have been going to The Epicure Shop for years! The staff are amongst the most friendliest I've ever met and they have loads of delicious cheeses, pastries, dips, among other things. Their breakfast sandwhiches are made with farm fresh eggs and fill you up! They even have pizza Tuesdays. I would recommend that all those in the Cabbagetown area check it out!

Vanessa August 10, 2011

They make awesome breakfast sandwiches, made to order on fresh bread of your choice. Really nice staff, especially Franka - what a great lady!

Peter M. February 26, 2012

Amazing cheese selection! Always carrying award winners. The helpful staff can really help pick out options.

Conor W. September 19, 2011

These are the things you should know about The Epicure Shop.

  1. The staff are tres friendly
  2. It is a perfect local spot for gourmet treats (Pesto, pasta sauce, nice cheese etc)
  3. They have fresh breads, a little hard to find around town sometimes so that is a winner.
  4. They have a type of coffee called GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE and I don't care whether of not you like flavoured coffee this one is for you. More below...
Below - So you know the way you buy some coffee and you smell it and it smells so damn good. Then you make the coffee and it just tastes like coffee. We this stuff smells like chocolatey coffee heaven and tastes exactly as it smells. Everyone I know who has tasted it has fallen in love too.

Go on, get yourself to The Epicure Shop and get some coffee. And you make that the German Chocolate Cake coffee.

Matt M. September 3, 2012

The Epicure Shop is the perfect place to grab a quick breakfast, a delicious sandwich on any number of freshly baked breads, or a sugary treat.

I'm a big fan of their Nanaimo bars and banana bread, and most recently added carrot cake to my list of go-to treat choices. On top of having a bunch of great café-style food to go, they a lot of great high-quality grocery items.

  • Real peanut butter
  • Pesto
  • At least 12 varieties of coffee beans
  • Pasta
  • Lots of baked stuff (of course)
I plan on taking advantage of these sandwiches more often. Why the hell have I ever, ever gone to a Subway restaurant since moving to this neighbourhood? I'll never know.

RECOMMENDATION: Try their Epicurean sandwich. I hold a special place in my stomach for hot Genoan salami and this delivers a generous dose.

Dave P. August 16, 2012

Cabbagetown needs, nay, DESERVES more spots like this.

Lovely cheeses and meats and Italian and French extras to add to meals and parties. If you're shopping strictly in the hood (no time for the St. Lawrence market) you must stop here. You simply can't have a real meal built on FreshCo or No Frills alone. It's just wrong. ESPECIALLY since this place is hella affordable.

BIG BONUS: Grab one of their pastries or bagels and they will make you a lovely breakfast sandwich with local and organic ingredients for under $4.

Evelyn W. May 30, 2011

Amazing sandwiches!! Great little grocer too.

David M. July 8, 2012